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Vehicle-mounted drone detection & hunter

The vehicle-mounted drone detection & hunter system consists of four main subsystems and modules: search, photoelectric tracking, radio frequency interference and display and control unit. The search system is composed of search radar and radio spectrum monitoring system. The two systems can be used independently or together according to the environment to improve the detection performance. The optical tracking system completes the automatic tracking function of the target. The directional antenna of the radio frequency interference system can aim at the drone in real time, it is used to achieve the directional radio frequency interference function of the target drone’s GPS and wireless telemetry links, which makes the drone out of control and unable to continue flying. The display & control unit is for the system's state monitoring, control, situation display and human-machine interaction.

Drone detection & kill system

There are three types of drone detection & killing system: fixed type, vehicle-mounted type and portable type. Vehicle-mounted anti-UAV system integrates multiple functions of target detection, tracking, identification, command, control, drive away and killing. The system has high integration, strong applicability and good expansibility. It can be compatible with all kinds of drone detection technology and interfere methods. It adopts vehicle-mounted deployment and achieve low altitude wide area coverage and seamless integration with ground security monitoring system through full IP network.

Target detection system is on the top of the modified vehicle, preset a variety of detectors for low altitude, slow and small drones. It can detect moving targets in real time and search omnidirectional 360° targets in the area of 2-3 km radius with radar as the center of the circle.

The photoelectric tracking system is integrated with the target radar system in the same module. It can follow the detector to track the moving target in real time. Through complex mathematical modeling method, the trajectory of the target drone can be calculated.

The electromagnetic interfere and suppression system can lock and attack the drone in the moving state, cut off the communication connection between the drone and GPS satellite signal, remote control signal and image transmission signal. It kills drones by forcing them to land or drive it away from protected area.

Our vehicle-mounted drone detection & killing system has the following functions:

1. Passive radar technology is used to detect the radio signals emitted by multiple targets at 360 degrees, and locate the location of the target according to the signals.

2. Phased array radar detection technology is used to detect the position and velocity information of multiple moving drones at 360 degrees.

3. It has visible and infrared imaging functions, and can display visible and infrared images of protected areas.

4. It has the functions of image detection, identification and tracking.

5. It has multi-band interference function, which can interfere and cut-off with the satellite navigation link, remote control link and image transmission link of UAV.

6. Ability to search and track targets automatically/manually according to the data of the search system.

7. It has the function of data storage for investigation and evidence collection.

8. Terminal display and control by the software.

Our vehicle-mounted anti-UAV system provides various versions of vehicle-mounted modification schemes for different user purposes. We customized design and manufacture the vehicle-mounted drone detection and hunter system to ensure the reliable working and communication of the internal data control system under various complex geographical, terrain and climate conditions. All the system are installed at the vehicle to make sure quickly deployment and transfer.


  • Strong detection capability, good tracking performance.
  • Omnidirectional 360 degree without dead angle and wide detection range.
  • Proper for drones more than 95% of the market.
  • High accuracy of angle and distance measurement, precise tracking at pixel level. Highly and fully automatic, low false alarm rate and workload.
  • Multi-objective batch processing with large target capacity.
  • Electronic map marking UAV position.
  • Strong anti-interference ability, stable tracking for weak and small target.
  • Launch strong signal when interfering and hunting drones with multiple interference modes.
  • Sufficient frequency band, wide coverage frequency ban with wide bandwidth range.
  • Simple operation, high automation, simple display and control interface, easy operate like playing electronic game.
  • One key automatic search, intelligent detection.
  • Remote starts/closes is available.
  • All-day, environment adaptability, high reliability, day and night can work steadily as usual in dense fog and light rain.
  • Long time continuous work, low maintenance cost.
  • Military Radar Standard.
  • Customized made is available.


Search radius
2-3 KM
Tracking identification
1.2 KM
Interfer & Hunt
1 KM
Direction accuracy
Angle accuracy
Photoelectric tracking distance
1 KM (day), 0.5 KM (night)
Active frequency band
900MHz, 1.5GHz, 2.4GHz, 5.8Ghz
Angle of protect range
Under battery mode
More than 4 hours
Power Supply
Power consume
less than 600w
Made in China

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