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Fire by remote control

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Autonomous guard patrol drone ship

Autonomous guard patrol drone ship is also an Unmanned Surface Vehicle (USV), it can be widely used in large lakes, oceans, rivers, ports and other security, patrol, investigation, evidence collection, anti-smuggling and water fire protection in post-flood area. Equipped with various weapon systems, it can search, identify and track water surface targets in visual range, and warn, evacuate, intercept and fire if necessary. The guard patrol drone ship helps to restore and maintain order in post-flood areas.

The hull of the guard patrol USV is made of high strength fiberglass reinforced plastics (FRP) with carbon fiber and Kevlar bullet-proof material. It has high strength and can adapt to SS5. With high safety and reliability, it would not sink even if the whole vessel enters into water. Two diesel-powered engines make its speed can be up to 45 knots and the endurance up to 1,000 kilometers.

The guard patrol drone ship has many operation modes, such as full autonomy, semi-autonomy, remote manually remote control and full manual mode. The operator can plan the route of the unmanned ship remotely or directly drive it according to the chart route, radar, infrared display and on-site video. Replacing sending officers to the front directly, the USV is a powerful way to enforce the law and reduce risks.

During the mission, if there is a threat to the water surface, the firearms on the drone ship can warn or fire to eliminate the target by remote control, or use strong sound to warn or drive out the target.

It has the world's leading autonomous navigation control system and intelligent obstacle avoidance technology independently developed by Chinese scientists, which can navigate independently and avoid obstacles automatically. The control system of the ship consists of a remote control base station and an unmanned ship. The remote control system can be installed on the shore or on the Mothership of the unmanned ship. It can communicate and transmit real-time between the unmanned ship and the command center in the range of satellite communication and other signals. The communication capacity is 30 km for data transmission and 20 km for video transmission.

The guard patrol drone ship can also be equipped with life raft, lifebuoy and so on, for search and rescue. Equipped with detection instruments to detect frogman and underwater suspicious objects. Equipped with water cannon, it can carry out fire reconnaissance and fire prevention.

The USV can not only accomplish single-ship tasks, but also team up small, large and super-large USV formations. It can even team up formations with manned vessels, cooperate with each other and carry out cluster tasks in collaboration. It’s a reliable ship to protect people in flood disaster area from robbers and terrorists.


  • Long endurance with multi-functional platform, both manned and unmanned mode are available.
  • High speed with max 45 knots.
  • Max endurance 1,000 km.
  • Auto model makes the drone ship sail and work autonomously as per pre-programmed missions.
  • Manual mode makes user observe water environments with the real-time video feed to better avoid obstacles.
  • Both the boat and the survey instruments are operated by the base station. Navigated by the GNSS positioning system, the USV can autonomously conduct pre-programmed multi-purpose surveying missions and send back information, videos and photos in real-time.


7.5 x 2.7 x 4.2 (L x W x H)
Hull Material
1,000 km
Double diesel engines
Obstacle Avoidance
50 m
Communication Range
30 km
Max. Speed
45 knots (85 km/h)
Video Monitoring
Multi Missions
Sea State Limited
≤ SS5, wave height less than 4m
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What is this guard patrol drone ship used for?

It's used to restore and maintain order and protect people in flood disaster areas from robbers and terrorists.

How to operate it? And how to pre-program missions if I need nomonous model?

We will offer the training after you buy, or you can send your enginners to our company in China for the training.

Can it be used for searching and rescuing the drowning people in water?

Yes. Operator remote controls the drone boat equipped with lifesaving craft close to the victim in drowning, and take them back. The operator in commander center can watch the live video on the scene.

Do you sell weapons together with the ship also?

No, we don't sell weapons. We just sell the drone ship, control system and the related optional instruments.

What's the payment method? Do you accept Visa or Paypal?

No, we don't accept Credit Card or Paypal. We suggest business to business payment, eg: T/T Bank Transfer. Also we accept payment with Wechat or Alipay, please google "Wechat Pay" or "Alipay" to know more.