Aluminum Flood Gate

Around house aluminum flood gate

Around house aluminum flood gate can bear high water velocity and pressure. It is a proven effective flood barrier that protects personal and government municipal projects from floods. The Aluminum flood gate consists of two side pillars, center pillar and hollow aluminum plate (water retaining plate). The two ends of the water retaining plate are installed between the nippers of each pillar. These baffles overlap with each other through concave-convex coupling connection to form a flood barrier wall.

The aluminum flood gate is easy to install and disassemble. The side pillars on both sides of the wall and the pre-embedded parts of the center pillars on the ground are permanent works. Hollow aluminum plates can be freely disassembled. After disassembled, the ground is smooth and beautiful. In the process of disassembly, only the center pillar (the width of which is more than 4 meters requires installation of the center pillar) and the water retaining plate can be removed. After disassembled, the side pillars fixed on both sides of the wall and the groove fixed on the ground do not affect the passage of pedestrians and vehicles on the road.

With competitive price, it is applicated at the door of home, garage, factory, school, hospital, entrance and exit of metro etc. It's especially suitable for countries near to sea, such as: Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, India, Australia, Brazil and Argentina etc.


  • Temporary and removable aluminum plates, assemble the flood control plate just before water coming.
  • Easy and quick deploy.
  • People and vehicles can freely pass through when no flood.
  • It takes 10 minutes for 2 persons to assemble for one gateway.
  • Modular design, easy transportation, store and install.
  • Accessories are made of stainless steel 304.
  • Damming height up to 2 meters.
  • Cost-effective, low cost.
  • Long service life (10-15 years) with minimal maintenance.


Damming Ability
2 meters high
Damming Width
Any width
Damming height for single plate
0.2 meter, for 1 meter damming hight needs 5pcs of plates, 1.4 meter high 7pcs of plates
Plate thickness
Aluminum thickness
Speed of Deployment
10 minutes 2 persons for one gate
Aluminum plate. Stainless steel 304 pillars and accessories.
Height 0.2m: USD200/meter for width
Height 0.4m: USD400/meter for width
Height 0.6m: USD600/meter for width
Height 0.8m: USD700/meter for width
Height 1.0m: USD750/meter for width
Height 1.2m: USD880/meter for width
Height 1.4m: USD990/meter for width
Height 1.6m: USD1,080/meter for width
Height 1.8m: USD1,150/meter for width
Height 2.0m: USD1,200/meter for width
Made in China

The aluminum flood gate needs once civil work for permanent installation of the side pillars on the side walls and the pre-embedded parts of the center pillars on the ground. After the permanent civil owrk, the auluminum plates can be freely inserted to the permanent fixed parts and freely taken out.

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How many years can the aluminum flood gate work?

More than 15 years. The plate barrier is made with aluminum alloy, EPDM material for seal parts, and stainless steel 304 for other parts.

Can I install it myself after buy?

No, you can't install it yourself as it needs professional civil work for the permanent parts installation at the first time. We will send our two workers to your place.

How much is the max damming height?

2 meters.

How much does the the aluminum flood gate cost?

Please refer to the prices in the specification above. For example, if the damming height is 0.8 meter and the width is 9 meters, the price is 700 by 9, USD6,300. For the total final quotation, contact us for the cost of shipping and intallation.

Maybe we can't deploy the plates barriers in time when flood coming at the mid night, what should we do?

Try to arrange persons on duty in advance according to the weather report. If you can't do this at the mid night, we suggest you buy our automatic hydraulic flood barrier for home and garage door, which is fully automatic, no need person on duty.

How long will I get the goods after I pay? And how long it takes for intallation?

As we customized manufacture every flood gate according to different sizes, we don't have goods in stock. Usaully it takes 10 days for producing, 25 days for shipping by Sea.