Remote manually control &
Autonomous navigation

Send back videos and photos in real-time

Autonomous drone boat with camera

Autonomous drone boat with camera is remote controlled by a base-station, it can carry various survey instruments for multiple purpose, such as single beam sounder, multibeam echo sunder, Acoustic Doppler Current Profilers (ADCP), 3D LiDAR scanner, side scan sonar, forward-looking sonar, water quality detector and sub-bottom profiler etc. Navigated by the GNSS positioning system, the drone boat can autonomously conduct pre-programmed multi-purpose surveying missions and send back information, videos and photos in real-time.

This drone boat mainly aims at the application of research survey and data collection of flood situation in river, lake and ocean. It detects flood situation and provides detailed hydrological data and flood warning information for flood control command center. It has the endurance of 200 nautical miles, the distance of video communication can reach 10 kilometers, and the control base station equipped with it can be installed on the shore, patrol vehicle or mother ship. The drone ship can receive all kinds of sensor information by sensors and camera in real time and displaying it on the terminal. It can be remote controlled by operator or autonomous navigation by pre-programmed orders.

In order to ensure the stability of the survey, the drone boat is specially designed a special shroud and wave groove, which can maintain stable navigation in the case of large wind and waves, and has the function of stably completing many tasks such as underwater topographic survey and underwater geomorphologic survey.

It is fully stealthy and has a reflection area of only 0.01 square meters. Even in the wave height of 5 meters, it can still be completely uncaptured by radar.


  • Long endurance and multi-functional platform for flood surveying.
  • Carry up to 150kg of instruments to conduct multi-purposed surveys.
  • Sail 50 hours continuously with a 350 kg (gallon liter) fuel tank with speed of 6knots (11 km/h).
  • Auto model makes the drone ship sail and work autonomously as per pre-programmed missions.
  • Manual mode makes user observe water environments with the real-time video feed to better avoid obstacles.
  • Both the boat and the survey instruments are operated by the base station. Navigated by the GNSS positioning system, the USV can autonomously conduct pre-programmed multi-purpose surveying missions and send back information, videos and photos in real-time.


5.7 x 2.4 x 2.9 (L x W x H)
Hull Material
1,450 kg
150 kg
45 cm
Diesel water-jet
Obstacle Avoidance
50 m
Communication Range
10 km
Max. Speed
12 knots (6 m/s)
Survey Speed
6 knots (3 m/s)
30 nautical miles
Video Monitoring
Multi Missions
Automatic Transducer Lifter
Sea State Limited
≤ SS3, wave height less than 1.2m
USD95,000 - 235,000 / set

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What is this drone boat used for?

It's used for flood control and science research.

How to operate it? And how to pre-program missions if I need nomonous model?

We will offer the training after you buy, or you can send your enginners to our company in China for the training.

Can it be used for searching and rescuing the drowning people in water?

Yes. Operator remote controls the drone boat equipped with lifesaving craft close to the victim in drowning, and take them back. The operator in commander center can watch the live video on the scene.

What's the payment method? Do you accept Visa or Paypal?

No, we don't accept Credit Card or Paypal. We suggest business to business payment, eg: T/T Bank Transfer. Also we accept payment with Wechat or Alipay, please google "Wechat Pay" or "Alipay" to know more.