Unmanned Electric-Free
Automatic Self-Rising

24/7 protect your properties

Automatic hydraulic flood barrier for home and garage door

Automatic hydraulic self-rising flood barrier for home and garage door automatically rises by the buoyancy of water, it does not need electric drive or person on duty, vehicles can pass through the garage door when it’s not in use. It is composed of a ground frame, a flood barrier plate articulated at one end on the ground frame and a rubber soft plate for water barrier on both sides of the wall. When flood comes, the barrier automatically self-rises and turns into a vertical state under the action of the water buoyancy to block the flood. It's fully automatic with affordable price.

The flood barrier panel is made of aluminum alloy, and the anti-skid layer is pasted on it (the same surface as the original pavement can also be customized made). The core of the board is polyurethane foam layer, and the floor frame is made of stainless steel 304 which ensures the reliable strength when vechiles pass through. The patent design of modular assembly makes it can be customized combined according to the width and opening size of any door. The flood damming height of the barrier is 600 mm, 900 mm and 1200 mm. There are two installation modes: surface mode and embedded mode. When using embedded installation, the residual water discharge pipe should be installed at the bottom of the tank. Automatic hydraulic flood barrier for home and garage door can carry heavy vehicles during non-flood season when not in use.

It is applicated at the door of home, garage, factory, school, hospital, entrance and exit of metro, and the door of Air-raid shelter etc. It's especially suitable for countries near to sea, such as: Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, India, Australia, Brazil and Argentina etc.


  • 24/7 permanently protect your properties after install.
  • Unattended, no need personnel on duty. No need electric power.
  • The Hydraulic Flood Barrier automatically activated while flood coming without human intervention or power.
  • Vehicles from the garage can pass through on the barrier when not in use.
  • Modular design, easy transportation, store and installation.
  • Accurate design, the flood barrier would not activate under small volume of water flow. It is activated only when the water flow becomes destructive flood level.
  • Suitable for entrances, roadways, Metro Station entrance and exit, underground garage entrance and exit, and other openings ready to deploy and prevent flood damage.
  • Long service life (20 years) with minimal maintenance.


ASTM C 39 - Standard Test Method for Compressive Strength of Cylindrical Concrete Specimens.
ASTM F593 - Standard Specification for Stainless Steel Bolts, Hex Cap Screws and Studs.
ASCE 7-2010 - Minimum Design Loads for Buildings and Other Structures.
Damming Ability
Height: 600mm, 900mm, 1200mm (height of flood water)
Damming Width
Any width
USD2,950/meter (600mm damming height). For 900 and 1,200mm height, please contact us for pricing.
Made in China

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How does the hydraulic automatic flood barrier work?

It utilizes the water buoyancy. When the coming water reaches flood disaster grade, the barrier is activated automatically.

How many years can it work?

More than 15 years.

Can I install it myself after buy?

For our distributor, you can send your guys to study from our workers on the site for the 1st and 2nd installation, in the future you can install by yourself after study.
For end users, we must send our workers to your place to install to make sure the quality reliable and safe.

If it's just light rain and small water flow, would the barrier be activated?

No, it would not act. We have pre-set a value of the buoyancy pressure, the barrier works only when the water volume reaches this pre-set value.

Does it need person on duty?

No, no need human intervention when flood coming. It's full automatic.

Does it need electric power?

No. It works by hydraulic pressure.

How much does the automatic flood barrier for my garage door cost?

Tell us the opening width of your garage door, and the dam height of flood, we will give you specific quotation. Here is a basic pricing: USD2,950 per meter (the width of the door opening), based on 600mm damming height. If need 900mm or 1200mm height, please contact us for details. About the cost of shipping and installation, it's 25% of the goods value, for example, if total goods value is USD10,000, the cost of shipping and installation is USD2,500. This quotation is for Southeast Asia, such as Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore, India, Myanmar and so on. For the cost of shipping and installation in other areas, please contact us for detailed pricing.

My place is very low, the flood might be more than 1,200mm high, is this automatic barrier suitable for me?

No, the max damming height of our automatic flood barrier is 1.2 meter. If you need more higher than 1.2 m, please refer to our Aluminum flood gate around house, which the highest damming height could be up to 2 meters.

Where and how to buy?

Contact us for pricing and Bank T/T Transfer the payment according to our PI (Proforma Invoice), we will deliver the goods from China. In the meantime we will send our two workers to your place for installation and training.

How to pay? Do you accept Credit Card or Paypal?

No, we don't accept Credit Card or Paypal. We only accept three ways:
- Bank T/T Transfer to our company account.
- Alipay
- Wechat

How long will I get the goods after I pay? And how long it takes for intallation?

As each door has different size, we don't have goods in store, each size needs to be customized made.
Producing - 10 days
Shipping by Sea - 25 days
Installation & traning - 1 day for 2 doors.
So you may need 40 days to get the flood control project done after pay.